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Next Wave Technologies Limited

Let's get introduced!

The expertise of NEXTWAVE Technologies Limited lies in the development of well-equipped Telco-grade infrastructures and broadband internet services in Dhaka. We are a joint venture and expansion of SONGJOZAN INTERNET, one of the country’s leading service providers. What propels us forward is the creation of a cutting-edge network infrastructure to supply cutting-edge solutions to our clients!

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that our customers receive high-quality service. We work with a top-notch Customer Service Department that responds to any complaint in under a minute, and we always end the day with zero complaints. We place high importance on customer happiness!

Our Vision

Our goal is to be the industry leader within the next decade by providing services that are flexible, secure, efficient, well-connected, and, most importantly, cost-effective. Our philosophy is to provide a smooth and steady digital lifestyle by bringing nationwide Internet to customers' doorsteps, allowing them to enjoy every part of their lives.

Our Services

All Service

Enhanced Supervising

The most up-to-date tools keep an eye on your connection at all times.

Unceasing service

Redundant connection ensures 24/7 guaranteed network availability.

Competent Hotline

Expert team replies quickly and compassionately.

Real IP

Each plan includes one free real IP address. This is a must-have for office networking.

Unlimited Usage

There are no data limits or restrictions, even if you miss a payment deadline.

Dedicated Speed

Our fiber optic connectivity ensures a steady and super-fast internet connection.

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